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One All vs. Trinity

01/19/2014, 5:15pm EST
By Coach

First off, I have to say that games like today make coaching worth coaching…the team played well, was positive, and strove to play as a unit.  Great!  Ms. Chrystal thanks for bringing out the new jersey’s…the boys looked rather smart!  There’s a couple pictures attached and there is one on our team page.

The MoMs (Men of  Match) are Josh and Ian.  Both really controlled the middle and played selfish less by filling in holes as well as distributing the ball…supporting attacks and D.  Ian scored and Josh proved he wasn't going to break or quit or back down...I was truly impressed.

As a team I was also impressed by the commonality of everyone…supportive and positive...everyone contributing…the ability to take constructive criticism and implement lessons learned…that is the key to growing/improving.

Without our forwards dropping we wouldn't have stayed in the game…Eric did a number on their 23.  Ben and Alex did a great job hustling and attacking in the corners.  Cam had some good work in the central gut while Bock showed me something I hadn't seen upfront (good observation Mark). Our backline marriages were strong. Rosie and Bryce switched left/right and moved forward too…the support to the forwards was good.  Roman and Alex were also solid…It was really nice to see Alex on the field and Roman breaking down the line...  Although the backs didn't get the balls on these runs, Trinity was forced to realize that the danger may not be the man in front of them…Madison…I was so happy to see you…yes you need to work on the long distribution and I know that you are smiling right now, but your tenacity and the ability of you to come out of your net was a KEY to this team playing so well.  Thanks to Buddy and Sean for helping with the bench and me.

Overall we need to improve our communication and continue to move as a team…when I say move as a team, for the most part I mean as a defense…not losing your mark in the back and Wings dropping…Anddddd I also mean the backs pushing up.  We have enough players that we should be able to keep the pace moving with intensity.

Specifics to work on:

1. On goal kicks and kick ins…think simple and take it…come short, look to move across the middle of the field and run long…that movement will allow kicker to play into space.

2. Run thru the ball…stop lifting your feet up…when your foot is up you lose pace…try this test: grab your brother/sister/friend…race them on one foot…you will figure out that you likely get farther from trouble, physically push thru and get less fouls if you run thru the ball.

3. On free kicks look to men off the ball for shooters..

4. When there’s a hard shot you should be tugging on the keepers knickers to put the ball in the net when he bobbles the ball.

5. Remember, attacking first means sometimes the backdoor is left open.  There were two times where our backdoor was really open…

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