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Draw: United 2 vs. CV 2

01/19/2014, 5:30pm EST
By Coach

Overall:    A+…Solid…CV was bigger and faster than United, and you came out more dedicated to discipline and hustle.  CV did get behind our backs a few times, but they seemed to get more shots outside…a concern but not as much as when they penetrated.  A Team Defense, created by playing an intense Low Pressure system, kept United close to allow a shift in tactics during the last five minutes.

 Specifics: Playing CV high pressure the entire game would have physically beat us up and tired us out…we had to stay close and then choose our battle… We had quite a few shots behind their D or close to goal.  Josh, after controlling the middle, created opening by changing the attack, taking a longer left foot shot that tested the keeper and Eric was at the goal if there had been a miscue.  This created a more balanced attack and a confidence build up towards the end of the game despite being down two goals…This confidence took dramatic upturn after the Ian to Cam connection that penetrated their defense, earning a goal.  Then there was no panic after that… no hurried stupid decisions…just an urgency of playing the game…as we had been doing all game long.  At this point we moved to a high pressure system.  I began to change personnel specifically, instead of running hockey style line changes.  The emphasis became keeping crazy legs running and trying exploit the CV weaknesses you and I saw.  The United D held very tough, seeking to outlet quickly.  Josh found Ian for the leveling finish.  Lastly, how many of you had minor palpitations during some of the CV attacks…only for Madison’s beast-mode to bring us back from a full-fledged heart attack?  BTW I didn’t see Mad hit the net at all this gameJ !!!!

 This strong finish wouldn’t have been possible without the Team intently playing with one mind and running CV to bad decisions (tired body, tired minds, poor communications)…

 Alex S was so amazing in the hustle department, and continually foiling multiple CV attacks.  Bock was another guy who hustled back, dropping into the middle, chasing a play only to step into a CV fumble and stop their attack.  Many players would not have dropped back as the play was already past them….GREAT effort you two…giving the team everything you had!  Rosie and Bryce’s marriage was so strong.  Bryce seemed to have a determination in his eye that was truly scary for the other team…strong, focused, and great communications.  Rosie provided good support to the forwards up front…which minimized some of the dropping required of the forwards.  It was SOOOOOO nice to see Maynard on the field, a true stalwart of a defender, but…Alex showed us that he IS a back that can attack…good work up that right line.  Roman was good in D as always but he and Eric created a left side that was dynamic…there was always an attack and D on that side.  The overlap/switching was selfless and scary…scary for the other team.  Quentin added some speedy legs to the wing to keep up the tiring pace for CV…this increased pace helped open up the high pressure opportunity late in the game.

 Strategically two ties seems benign…CV is the favored seed…we did give up two goals but we scored two goals.  Trinity is a strongly favored team that only lost to CV, and again we scored on them as well. 

Game Stats:

                 Goal       Assist    Saves

Ian        1 (2)         1              0

Cam      1              0              0

Josh      0              1              0

Mad       0              0              16 (26)

 (season total)

MoMs: Ian, Alex and Madison

Tag(s): 96 Boys - United