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Summer Running Program

01/23/2014, 4:15pm EST
By Unknown

                        XX 2012 Boys Soccer

                           Summer Running Program



Pre-Running Base Training


Start week of June 25 and continue for 2 weeks (June 25-July 6)

          Run Monday-Wednesday and Friday


{C}1.     {C}Warmup for 3-5 minutes with light jogging and dynamic stretching.

{C}2.     {C} Run for 15-25 minutes at a 7 minute pace

{C}3.     {C}Spend 5-10 minutes at end with flexibility work

{C}a.     {C}Hip flexors / Hamstrings / Nordics (as shown at training), etc.

{C}                                                                                                                         i.      Note – the pace of the 15-25 run should increase a little each day.  By the end of the second week, your goal should be in the 6 minute 30 second range.  The idea of the 15-25 run is to get your muscles used to running/lactic acid and other components of running.


XX Running Program (4 weeks)


Terms –

Warmup running/Cool down – light jogging

Game Jogging – 7 minute mile pace

Game Speed Jogging/Running – your best mile pace

Game Sprinting – whatever you would run the 400 meters in (1 lap of track)


Week #1

Start – July 9       (run #2 – do on track)


Week #2

Start – July 16     (run #5 – do on track)


Week #3

Start – July 23     (run #8 – do on track)


Week #4

Start – July 30     (run #11 – do on track)

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