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01/30/2014, 7:00am EST



How good does it feel to knock Cedar Cliff out of first place?


Good game…Decided to change strategy from the previous two games… United played almost exclusively low pressure system from the beginning of the last two games.  Last night, we came out high pressure form the onset.  CC scored first, on a lost mark.  Madison had another premier game.  After staying high pressure and not producing goals or a myriad of threats, United stood down to low pressure once again.  This produced two goals, Ian from Quentin and Q from Ian.  Despite numerous cheap plays against our players, United remained cool and focused…which seemed only to irritate CC even more.  United did well corralling CC’s 15 and 10.


Men of the Match: Madison, Roman, and Quentin.



1. Great job keeping cool heads and staying focused on our team: Roman pushed into the wall…Bryce had his shorts tugged…Bock met a man’s elbow…A player tied to scissor trip Q I think…how many fouls were called against CC?  Numerous, and those fouls that weren’t called were away from the ref’s eye, like the player tugging at Bryce’s shorts…  No one lost their cool…good to understand that the ref isn’t going to see everything…and we can only control what we do…

2. High vs. Low Pressure Lesson:

                a. High: created opportunities, but the increased pace hurt the ability to maintain custody of CC on the counter attacks…  We also had four injuries/sickness recoveries that also hampered marking… 

                b. Low: condensed our defense which better dealt with 10 and 15.  Also more space was created by the advance of CC…in which United could counter attack.

                c. This game provided a key personal lesson for United.  If I were an opposing coach, I would assess United as a striking team that doesn’t possess the ball well or is not confident in long term or patient possession.  Therefore, this means:

1) United, nevertheless, is highly dangerous and explosive team that cannot be written off…

2) But, if United has a bad defensive day, then United is prone to losing since United won’t possess the ball as much as the opposition…and giving a rest to its backline and keeper.

3) And if United is sucked out of its low pressure shape, then United is more prone piercing threats, particularly if the opposition is skilled at quick possession.

3. The Defense did a great job dealing with overloaded attacks while high pressure… the 3v2 overloads.

                a. Madison had another great game, making some spectacular saves, and coming out of the goal extremely timely under aggressive control.

                b. The Defensive pairings were certainly strong.

1) Maynard and Roman were certainly a team…Roman had some aggressive play that immediately turned a defensive situation into a direct counter attack.  Maynard supported and slowed CC counters…also the team wanted Maynard on 10…a true compliment of his marking/defensive skills.

2) Rosie and Bryce played well defensively again...and also provide good width…with timely forward steps…

                c. Midfield struggled with injury…still:

1) Josh distributed the ball well, and stopped up counter attacks…

2) Ian did well attacking and switching into the wing when lagging…rightly recognizing how important the midfield is…and contributing with a goal and assist.

3) Ben did a great job stepping into the middle, playing extremely and appropriately aggressive.  He infused a sense of energy at the perfect time.

4) Q also did a great job stepping into the middle, inserting ball distribution that led Ian to a goal.  His rotation to/from the wing kept the middle with fresher legs and also saw Q attacking and earning a goal. 

                d. Forwards had a tough day…the change to high pressure increased the pace at which they had to move and the awareness they were required to maintain.  This was a major tactical shift, and it was good that we had many wings to provide legs…

                                1) Shearer’s work rate provided additional attacking prowess…he saved a ball that surely should have gone out and then got it back into the middle for re-attack.

                                2) Eric and Cam continued to flow in the game transitioning well between offensive and defensive schemes.

                                3) Bock’s work rate was also solid...and again his defensive support was the key support, especially when the pressure was at its critical points.


OVERALL: Good game…and for me, I will need to be more informed of knicks/bumps/bruises and realize our low pressure propensity, but working to improve high pressure attributes…


                Goal       Assist    Saves    GS          GA          GD

Ian          3              2              0              5              4              1

Q             1              1              0

Cam       1              0              0

Josh       0              1              0

Mad       0              0              27           0              4              1


Tinity Shamrocks              Draw at 1

CV                                          Draw at 2

Cedar Cliff                           Win, 2-1

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