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Carson Long Win, 8-0

02/16/2014, 8:45pm EST
By Coach

The two biggest compliments this game are:

1. Clean Sheet…the first of the season.  The teams ahead of us in the table only have five clean sheets altogether…that’s a tribute to your team defense…

2. Good training…folks were utilized in deferent spots.



Rosie…NO denying production and Rosie produced two goals and an assist despite spending most of his time in the backline.  He truly made the most of his time up front.  Personally I truly liked Rosie’s foot work this game and how he got wide and pierced up forward…wisely, not out of control…

Maynard…Alex is always a premier defender and I have always liked his confidence on ball when pushing up to support…he has good/consistent vision and distribution…I am sure no one questions that assessment.  Today was a bit different.  Maynard’s movement off the ball was tactically brilliant.  He was wide when required and slashing inside when threatening…generally backs have trouble with forward runs or their runs when playing upfront and in the MF.  Maynard didn’t demonstrate any hiccups…his play was seamless and beautiful.

Ben…Played forward in the past and today filled in well…at CMF his distribution was sound and deadly.  He supported the transition between the backline and the forwards while playing an inspiring team defense, not losing dangerous marks when the opposition was desperately pushing for a goal.


Nine players earned points today…that’s a versatile and capable squad.  The Boys had a clean sheet…that’s team defense…and all this while I am changing personnel…adding unnatural pressure and uncertainties…Good job, and thanks Josh and Ian for springing Mad from goal.


Future:  We have a break next weekend and then we begin our march to an undefeated season…if you earn it.  In five matches, United has the fewest goals allowed, which is a compliment when the first three games were the top three threats…And the offense has produced a 17 goal differential, which two off of CV, who holds first…so again the question is…what are you going to do in the next three games?


14.03.01               Bishop McD        Don’t look at their poor record…they lost to CV by a goal and you know how schedules work…remember our start…Trinity+CV+Cedar Cliff…that’s a tough schedule…

14.03.09               Big Spring            lost to Cedar Cliff by a goal and beat the Shamrocks by an easy margin.

14.03.15               Euro All Stars      is the only pure undefeated team remaining…and you might be the only team to beat them…

V/r Johnny

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