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Bishop McD Win, 5-1

03/02/2014, 4:15pm EST
By Coach

Bishop McD Win, 5-1

 You were certainly focused and want an undefeated winter season.  Everyone was attack oriented and realized that quitting was not an option.  Overall we need to work on communications…poor marking/confusing situations generally stemmed from poor comms.


Ben…How can you not recognize a BenTrick…I mean a hat-trick…  Ben started the D by patient explosions, and in doing so complicated Bishop’s distribution while creating his own scoring opportunities.   


 Ian is incredibly consistent with goal production, both at scoring and assisting…He has a high work-rate with a tenacious streak that McD found difficult to handle.   Sometimes Ian needed wind.  Maynard switched with Ian creating a seamless attack while not disregarding his defensive duties.  Also, Alex M had two great long distance shots, both low hard and at the corners, which helped open up the inside when McD collapsed in a low pressure D.  Josh added great stamina to his repertoire when called upon for unexpected sub, and then used that effort to control the MF with D and solid passing.  This was critical as McD used their Keeper to try to open up the wings.  Our wings had a very challenging day with McD.  Eric’s work rate looked to be the highest since Trinity and CV.  He was constantly moving on D and O, supporting a transitioning game while creating deadly chances.  Alex S also was a beast, having his highest work rate game.  He harassed McD creating his own goal and opportunities for his team mates.  Bock worked the right side especially well, and supported his wing as McD attempted to exploit.  The finest moment was a very nice pass to Ian for a goal…niiiicce.  Cam was certainly missed.  Roman had an aggressive game again.  It’s as if Roman meets the Attacker as he receives the ball just to say…”Oh no…not in my house.”  His game seems intent upon on instant transition from D to O.  Although we certainly missed Rosie, Q filled in quite well.  Q is a very utilitarian player because he reads the game well and uses his exceptional speed to address D and O.  This transitional experience was demonstrated as Q step to the ball and quickly started the attack.  As if one punch wasn’t enough, Bryce put an added punch into the backline as he always does.  The thing that impressed me the most was that when McD countered, Bryce was a streaking ghost until he appeared back in the line…very tenacious and focused.  Madison had another solid game….However, Mad demonstrated exceptional timing when leaving the net, which dramatically reduced the penetrating McD threat.

 Future:  We have two weeks left to see if you earn an undefeated season.   You will have two hard games left. 

 14.03.09               Big Spring            lost to Cedar Cliff by a goal and beat the Shamrocks by an easy margin and NEXT US have a low GA average.  Our game should be a defensive struggle.

14.03.15               Euro All Stars      is the only pure undefeated team remaining…and you might be the only team to beat them…and KNOCK them out of FIRST PLACE.


Concerning Snowflake, I will continue to let you know as data comes out…same as when the schedule is published for the Spring Season.


V/r Johnny



                                 Totals    27           21           54          

14.03.01                               Goal       Assist    Saves    Pts

1-2                          Ian          6              6              2              18

                                Q          3              2              0              8

3-0                          Ben        3              2              0              8

                                Roman  2              3              0              7

                                Rosie     3              1              0              7

                                Josh       2              2              2              6

                                Eric         1              2              0              4

0-1                          Bock      1              2              0              4

1-0                          Shearer   2              0              0              4

0-0,8                      Mad         1              1              50           3

                             Cam         1              0              0              2

                              Maynard   1           0              0              2

                                            Bryce     1                 0                 0                 2

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