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Win Against Big Spring 2-0

03/09/2014, 10:45pm EDT
By Coach

Big Spring Win, 2-0

Because of your effort all season long and staying focused on this game, next week you will play for:

1. The League Title, of 16 sides.

2. An Undefeated Season.

3. For the ability to say you team allowed the Few Goals (GA) with the second best Goal Differential…despite one of the hardest schedules.


Cam…many times folks don’t understand the influence that they have when they play.  I hope you noticed how much your return meant to the team.  Thank you for the effort.

Bock…your movement off the ball earned Ben’s pass for your goal.  The finish was clinical, clean, capped a beautiful set of possession, and was exactly what your team need.

Dixon…you get head butted and finish a penalty…no whining, gnashing of teeth…just a pure finish.   If that wasn’t enough for Big Spring your superior work rate only frustrated them all the more.



Roman had his best game balancing a tenacious defense and a charismatic offense…In this defensive struggle he tended the defense, but when he stuck up, his attack was sooooo threatening and exciting.  Q-Again you were needed in the backline and performed with deft skill and speed.   Q’s knowledge of the game makes him a solid choice at any position.  Ian-This is the first with no points, but your contribution in hustle and fluid support ensured that you provided what your team needed…and I think you outlet to Ben who hit Bock… Ben-Solid performance…you harassed any Big Spring player around and started the defense in their half...making you dangerous…especially when moving off the ball and looking for the besting way to attack…like selflessly hitting Bock.  Josh-Another solid game of consistently distributing the ball and floating to the threats, neutralizing and then starting the attack.  You are the tie that holds your line together.  Shearer continued to apply his consistent trade.  He worked the lines on attack and when he dropped on D he didn’t lose his mark as they pierced our D…if he hadn’t stayed with his mark there would have been an overload on the back side of the D.  Bryce and Rosie were separated, but each performed like they were still together…They anchored the defensive backline, pushed forwarded and always got back quickly.  Madison loves these guys!  Speaking of Madison, he had another solid game and ensured that he posted his second clean sheet…and as of now, his goal has allowed the fewest…



Future:  We have one week left to see if you earn an undefeated season, the right to say you allowed the fewest goal, and take first.  

14.03.15               Euro All Stars      is the undefeated team remaining…and you are the only team that can beat them…and KNOCK them out of FIRST PLACE and take it for your own.  This is what you have worked for all season.


Concerning Snowflake, I will continue to let you know as data comes out…same as when the schedule is published for the Spring Season...Saturday 15 Mar 945PM/2145.

V/r Johnny

                Totals    29           22           61          

14.03.09                               Goal       Assist    Saves         Pts

                                Ian       6              6              2              18

0-1                          Ben        3              3              0              9

                                Q          3              2              0              8

                                Roman  2              3              0              7

                                Rosie     3              1              0              7

                                Josh       2              2              2              6

1-0                          Eric         2              2              0              6

1-0                          Bock      2              2              0              6

                         Shearer       2              0              0              4

0-0,7                        Mad       1              1              57           3

                                Cam      1              0              0              2

                            Maynard     1           0              0                2

                                Bryce     1              0              0              2

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