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SnowFlake: one win and one draw

03/23/2014, 6:30pm EDT
By Coach



First off, I want to thank parents and players alike for coming out to the fifth or sixth reschedule.  It was a crazy reschedule weekend which required your effort to mitigate the chaos…FYI…CPYSL may require us to schedule a third game…I am checking on that Monday based on an email that I saw this afternoon.


Nil All Draw with York FC Elite


Good low pressure defense.  Your effort was rewarded despite the difficulty of the winds working against you the first half.  York was big, physical and fast, but they didn’t break you.


United 1, PA Classics Elite 0


Classics were also skilled, big and fast, but only had nine players.  We did create some more chances to score and certainly sought to use the entire field.


Strengths & Weaknesses:


We need to learn to possess better.  This weakness was highlighted during the indoor season against the lower tier teams.  Our game seems to be high or low pressure with no middle ground of possession.  Practice will help us get better.  Possession is important because it will help United control the tempo instead of engaging in a slug fest and tire the other team, making high pressure more effective.  To do this we need movement off the ball, accurate passing, and fitness.  Also, we need to understand how the environment affects the games: wind, water, sun, etc…  Some of the frustrations of the first game were wind related.  As the wind tampered down, the frustrations dissipated…the wind changes passing…changes pressure…changes movement off the ball…especially when playing into it.


I didn’t see United quit.  When one person failed the secondary moved into the primary and the previous primary rotated into the secondary role.  On defense this becomes a drop and cover and on offense the attack becomes asymmetrical…everything fluid.


Day MoMs:


Q and Roman were challenged repeatedly down the wings by physical speed.  In the first game, Q dealt with the most prolific winger of the day by stopping him and turning the ball back up the line…body to body.  Roman gave up a significant size, but used his speed and timing to maximize his skills to counter his opponents advantage.


V/r Johnny

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