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Referee Game Assignments

Adult Referee Assignments

  Below are the assigned officials for the adult league. All games unless noted start at 6:00 and 7:10pm. First referee listed is the center referee, unless two referee`s are on then its a two man system.

June 13   Adnan Pelja   Alex Cassada   Colby Miller
June 14   Chuck Wetzel   Mason Bard   John Stauffer 
June 15   Adnan Pelja   Mason Bard     Alex Cassada
June 16   David Hose   Alex Cassada   Andrew Titman
June 20   Adnan Pelja   Sterling Bard   Open 7:10
June 21   David Hose   Alex Cassada     Sydney Benedick
June 21    Adnan Pelja   Jacob Stouffer    Colby Miller      

  1. June 22   Adnan Pelja    Sterling Bard     Mason Bard

June 23   Steve Cramer   Ryley Reed   Alex Cassada
June 23   David Hose           Sydney Benedick    Need 1
June 27   Chuck Wetzel   Sterling Bard  Alex Cassada
June 28   David  Hose    Sterling Bard   Ryley Reed
June 28   Chuck Wetzel     Alex Cassada  Connor Fritsche
June 29   Chuck Wetzel   Alex Cassada    Andrew Titman
June 30   David Hose    John Stauffer   Jacob Stouffer
June 30   Chuck Wetzel    Sterling  Bard    Alex Cassada    
July   5    Ed Franchi   Sterling Bard   Mason Bard
July   5    Sergio Gonzalez     Colby Miller     Connor Fritsche
July   6    Steve Cramer   Andrew Titman   Connor Fritsche
July   7    Chuck Wetzel   Sergio Gonzalez 
July  11   David Hose     Sterling Bard     Need 1 
July  12   Chuck Wetzel   Connor Fritsche   Alex Cassada
July  12   Sergio Gonzalez      Andrew Titman    David Hose   
July  13   Sergio Gonzalez   Jake Hill     Need 1   
July  14   Sergio Gonzalez      Jake Hill   Alex Cassada
July  15    David Hose      Sterling Bard    Connor Fritsche 
July  18    David Hose      Garrick Hill     Sterling Bard
July  19    Adnan Pelja   Connor Fritsche  David Hose
July  19    Chuck Wetzel    Colby Miller   Jake Hill
July  20    Sergio  Gonzalez   Mason Bard  Sterling Bard
Play In Round
July  21   David Hose    Alex Cassada    Sterling Bard
Playoffs 1st Round
July  25   Chuck  Wetzel     David Hose   Alex  Cassada
July  25   Sergio Gonzalez    Jake Hill     Sydney Benedick
Playoffs Semi Finals
July  26    Adnan Pelja     David Hose    Connor  Fritsche
July  26    Chuck Wetzel   Alex Cassada    Jake Hill
July  27     RAIN DATE
July  28    Adnan Pelja   Sergio Gonzalez   Chuck  Wetzel




High School Referee Assignments

June  13   David Hose    Jacob Stouffer   John Stauffer
June  15   Steve Cramer   Cameron Dale  Colby Miller
June   20  David Hose   Connor Fritsche   Cameron Dale
June   22  David Hose    Jacob Hill   John Stauffer
June   27  David Hose     Jacob Hill       Sydney Benedick
June   29  Steve Cramer   Cameron Dale   Connor Fritsche
July     6   David  Hose    Colby Miller      Cameron Dale
July     7    David Hose     John Stauffer   Connor Fritsche 
July    11   Steve Cramer   Sydney Benedick   Garrick Hill
July    13   David Hose    Alex  Cassada   Need 1
July    14   Chuck Wetzel   Connor Fritsche    Sterling Bard
July    18   Adnan Pelja   Cameron Dale   Sydney Benedick
July    20    David  Hose    Alex Cassada   Need 1
July    21    Sergio Gonzalez   Cameron Dale   Need 1
July    22    David Hose    Cameron Dale   Sterling Bard
July    27    David Hose    Alex Cassada    Mason Bard
July    29    Adnan  Pelja    Alex  Cassada   Need 1