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Player Registration Process

Players generally register to a team in CYSA through the team organization process which includes participation in the pre-registration and player assessment, usually conducted in April. Players will then receive an acceptance letter, which will provide the date of the full registration meeting.

The following documents are required to register a player:

  1. EPYSA RG-6 Form
  2. Medical Release
  3. 1x1 (passport size) photo of the player to be used on the ID card.
  4. Player and Parent Codes of Conduct, signed.
  5. NEW PLAYERS must provide a copy of the Birth Certificate (must be a true birth certificate issued by the state in which the player was born).
  6. Registration Fee $129.00

All documents are required before they can be registered into the EPYSA system.

For all registration changes (Player additions, releases, transfers, etc) the PS-1 form needs completed.  All player releases reguire the player card to be included.

Star Myers

Boys Registrar

Christina Duran

Girls Registrar

Registration Forms

Financial Aid

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