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Coaches Corner

We recognize our coaches as bringing key elements to the soccer field in order to develop our children into respectful, skilled, and well-rounded athletes. Each team is led by a volunteer coach who is aided by an assistant coach and team manager.

Information on the following pages will help new coaches get acclimated and give returning coaches resources for further learning and growing opportunities.

Central Pennsylvania Youth Soccer League Guidelines

Coaches: Please download, print and keep a copy with you.

Contact the Registrar





Star Myers

Christina Duran





717-261-9548 (home)

717-809-1653 (cell)


717-263-9833 (home)


890 Pine Stump Rd

Chambersburg, PA 17202

2887 Big Dipper Lane

Chambersburg, PA 1720


Cleaning Schedule

U11 Girls Blue Cheetahs 2015-08-03
U12 Girls Blue Whiplash 2015-08-10
U15 Girls Blue FC Spirit 2015-08-17
U9 Boys Blue Spartans 2015-08-24
U9 Boys White Knights 2015-08-31
U10 Boys Blue Sounders 2015-09-07
U11 Boys Blue Arsenal 2015-09-14
U11 Boys White Everton 2015-09-21
U12 Boys Blue Revolution 2015-09-28
U12 Boys White 2015-10-05
U13 Boys Blue FC Elite 2015-10-12
U13 Boys White Phoenix 2015-10-19
U14 Boys Blue Thunder 2015-10-26
U14 Boys White Lightning 2015-11-02
U15 Boys Blue Warriors 2015-11-09
U15 Boys White FC Excite 2015-11-16
U16 Boys Blue FC Union 2015-11-23


Field Lining

U11 Girls Blue Cheetahs L
U12 Girls Blue Whiplash G
U15 Girls Blue FC Spirit L
U9 Boys Blue Spartans G
U10 Boys Blue Sounders L
U11 Boys Blue Arsenal
U11 Boys White Everton G
U12 Boys Blue Revolution L
U14 Boys Blue Thunder G
U14 Boys White Lightning L
U15 Boys White FC Excite L
U16 Boys Blue FC Union L
U17 Boys 98 Blue G

Practice Schedule

Age/Gender Team Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
U11 Girls 04 Blue Small Field 1 SideA Small Field 2 Sideb
U12 Girls 03 Blue/Whiplash Small Field 1 SideB Large Field 2 Side B
U9 Boys 06 Blue Spartans Large Field 2 Side A Small Field 1 SideA
U9 Boys 06 White Knights Large Field 2 Side A Small Field 1 SideB
U10 Boys 05 Blue Sounders Small Field 1 Small Field 2 SideA
U11 Boys 04 Blue Arsenal Small Field 2 SideA Practrice Field Side B
U11 Boys 04 White Everton Small Field 2 SideB Practrice Field Side B
U12 Boys 03 White Large Field 2 Side A Small Field 1 SideA
U12 Boys 03 Blue Revolution Large Field 2 side B Small Field 1 SideB
U13 Boys 02 Blue FC Elite
U13 Boys 02 White
U14 Boys 01 Blue Large Field 1 Large Field 1
U14 Boys 01 White Large Field 1 Large Field 1
U15 Boys 00 White Excite Large Field 2 Large Field 2 Side A
U15 Boys 00 Blue Warriors
U16 Boys 99 Blue Union Large Field 1 Practice field side A

Judging a Good Coach

A good coach is someone who knows winning is wonderful, but is not the triumph of sports.

A kid's coach is someone who goes to work early, misses meals, gives away weekends and plays havoc with family schedules so he or she can help out a group of kids.

A good coach is someone who stays half an hour or more after practices to make sure everyone of the players has a safe ride home.

A good coach is someone who rarely hears a mom or dad say "Hey Thanks", but receives a lot of advice on game day.

A good coach is someone who makes sure that everyone gets to play.

A good coach is someone who teaches young people that winning is not everything, but still lies in bed at night staring at the ceiling wondering whether he or she might have done anything differently to have turned a loss into a win.

A good coach is someone who can help a child learn to take a mistake in stride.

A good coach is someone who sometimes helps a child to develop ability and confidence that sometimes did not exist before.

A good coach is someone a kid will remember a long time after the last game has ended and the season is over.

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