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TryOuts Fall 2016

Try Outs for 2016-2017; Begins Fall 2016 Season

Are you ready for competitive soccer?

Open to all interested soccer players age 8-18 who want to explore a more competitive play of style in the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 seasons. Final teams are separated by age (U9-U18) and by gender.

Cost to tryout is $10 a player.

There are 2 try-out dates.  Participation is required on both days.

Girls: Week of May 9th

Boys: Week of May 9th

Location: Nellie & TK Nitterhouse Memorial Park, Home of the Chambersburg Youth Soccer Association, 375 West Washington Street, Chambersburg.

What to wear: Shinguards are required! You should wear clothing as you would be playing or practicing.

Information about evaluations

Information about how to join CYSA and player evaluations and how teams are formed.

Age Groups

CYSA Team Age Date Of Birth Between
U9 8-1-08 7-31-09
U10 8-1-07 7-31-08
U11 8-1-06 7-31-07
U12 8-1-05 7-31-06
U13 8-1-04 7-31-05
U14 8-1-03 7-31-04
U15 8-1-02 7-31-03
U16 8-1-01 7-31-02
U17 8-1-00 7-31-01
U18 8-1-99 7-31-00
U19 8-1-98 7-31-99

Girls Week May 9th

Date Age Groups Start Time End Time
May 9 U9-U12 5pm 6:30pm
May 9 U13-17 6:30pm 8pm
May 10 U9-U12 5pm 6:30pm
May 10 U13-17 6:30pm 8pm

Boys Week May 9th

Date Age Groups Start Time End Time
May 11 U9-U10 5pm 6:30pm
May 11 U11-U12 6:30pm 8pm
May 13 U9-U10 5pm 6:30pm
May 13 U11-U12 6:30pm 8pm
May 12 U13-U14 5pm 6:30pm
May 12 U15-U16 6:30pm 8pm
May 14 U13-U14 5pm 6:30pm
May 14 U15-U16 6:30pm 8pm
May 14 U17-U19 2pm 5pm

Contacts for more information

Stan Hott

Stan Hott

Vice President

Phone: (717) 387-2473