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Introducing the new Weekly Coaches Corner Blog

My name is Michael Richards and I am the new Director of Coaching for the Chambersburg Youth Soccer Association (CYSA). I am a homegrown “CYSAer”. I played for CYSA as a kid and as an adult I have had the opportunity to come back to be part of the club first as a coach and now as the Director of Coaching. I am the co-head coach of the CYSA (07) Tsunami team. I co-coach that team with Dan Mulewich and two other amazing individuals. Since Dan and I co-head coach the team, you will hear his name from time to time. Dan and I started to coach this group of boys over six years ago when they were at the U10 level. Being part of this team has been one of the best parts of my life over the last six years.

I am starting the bi-weekly Coach's Corner Blog at CYSA to try to create a place and a way for us coaches, potential coaches, soccer parents, and local soccer fans to discuss and connect around the game we love. I will be placing a new post up every other Friday. However, if you are part of the Coach’s Corner Email List you will get that new post delivered to you on Wednesday, before it is released in the Coach’s Corner. If you connect with or want to add to the conversation about the last topic, please send me an email, so that we can create a larger discussion. I would love to then be able to post the continued conversations around past topics as a follow up in a future blog post or on weeks opposite my blog posts. My goal is that in the near future we can, as CYSA coaches, other local coaches and soccer fans, fill the weeks opposite my blog with others' voices, through sharing of highlights/stories around our games, highlighting players and special moments, those responses to the main blog, questions, and other items.

I would love to hear about our seasons to this point. Maybe about a game that highlights your team's growth or one that brings up a question to discuss. I would also love to hear questions or topics you would like to have discussed, and your thoughts on past week's topic.

If you would like to be added to the Coaches Corner email list please reach out to me at the below email.

Please look forward to the release of the first Coaches Corner Blog being released this Friday, October 29, 2021.

Michael Richards

CYSA Coach U15B Tsunami

CYSA Director of Coaching

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