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CYSA Adult League Rules

1.    League fee is due before first game is played. If not paid in full, each game will be considered a forfeit until fee is paid in full.
2.    Waiver must be signed before player plays their first game.
3.    Rosters are due before the start of the second game.
4.    Minimum age to participate in the league is 14 years of age.
5.    No one is permitted to play who is not listed on a roster and has not filled out a waiver.
6.    Players who wish to play for more than one team must be listed on all those team’s roster.
7.    If a team is short on players, they are only allowed to pick up players that are listed on a roster and have filled out a waiver form.
8.    The team listed 1st on a schedule is the home team and must change if there is a color conflict.
9.    Three points will be awarded for a win, one for a tie, and zero for a loss.
10.    There will be absolutely ZERO tolerance for disrespecting league officials and no tolerance for abusive language.
11.    Fighting will not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the league, if a team is involved in 2 fights in the season the entire team will be dismissed from the league with no refund.
12.    If a team uses an ineligible player, such as a player not on a roster or an adult player from another team that is not also listed on your roster that game will be declared a forfeit.
13.    Thunder/Lightning will result in a delay of 20 minutes, if the game can`t be started back up in 1st half it will be rescheduled. If the first half has been completed, the game will be considered official.
14.    Team captains need to text Dave Hose the score.
15.    League will try to provide 2-3 referees, at least 1 referee will always be provided.
16.    FIFA rules are in effect except for the following: 25 minute halves and the clock will stop only in the last 2 minutes of a game on all dead ball situations.  
17.    Forfeit time is 10 minutes after game time. Clock will start at game time and at ten minutes after game is declared a forfeit.
18.    Minimum number of players needed to start and continue a game is 5.
19.    Goalkeepers may not punt, drop kick, or throw the ball over midfield in the air.
20.    Substitutions can be made on any dead ball situation at the discretion of the referee.
21.    Uniform requirements: All players must wear shin-guards and jewelry is not permitted. No black jerseys are allowed (that is reserved for referees).Also, all jerseys/shirts must have a number, no number no playing.
22.    No alcohol is permitted anywhere in Nitterhouse Soccer Complex.
23.    Each team must clean up after themselves.
24.    Yellow Cards: 2 yellows in one game are the same as a red, you sit out the rest of that game plus the next game.  Two red cards in a season you will sit out 1 game after 1st red, after 2nd red card you will sit out 2 more games, if a player gets 3 red cards in a season he will be expelled from the league for 1 full calendar year.  If a player gets 3 yellow cards in the season he will sit one game, after that, he will sit one game for every 2 yellow cards he gets.  Yellow cards will reset after regular season ends, so everyone will have a clean slate going into the playoffs.
25.    Player fines:
•    1 red/2 yellows in the same game $25
•    2 red cards $50
•    3 red cards $100
•    3 yellow cards $10
•    Every 2 yellow cards after that $10
•    Fines must be paid before the player is eligible to play again.
26.    If a player physically assaults a referee, charges will be filed as well as a 10 year suspension and a $500 fine to be paid before the player is reinstated.  The player must serve the 10 year suspension in addition to the fine if he wants back in the league.
27.    Captains must give the referees the name of any player carded. If the captains refuse or give an incorrect name the captain will be recorded as having been given the card.
28.    There will be no protest of any referee decision.
29.    No disrespect of league/game officials will be tolerated. If I see a younger referee being harassed but the center referee doesn’t, I reserve the right to suspend said player.
30.    Players/fans may not park up by the concession stand or past the gate toward the concession stand. That is reserved for referee’s and league officials only.
31.    All fines and fees must be made payable to CYSA.
32.    Game times will be 6:00 and 7:10pm. Clocks will start at those times, teams have till 10 minutes after listed start time to field a team or game becomes a forfeit. 
33.    Tie breakers are as follows. First is head to head results. Second is least goals allowed. Third is goal differential. Fourth is goals scored. 5th will be penalty kick shootout.
34.    Goal differential maximum is 5 per game. Such as 6-1 is a 5 goal differential. Score is 8-0 it will be recorded as 8-0, but differential will be 5-0.
35.    All players must attend a minimum of 3 games to be eligible to participate in the playoffs.
36.    1st round playoffs will be two 25 minute halves, if tied we have two 5 minute sudden death overtimes then we will go to penalty kicks. Second round playoffs will be two 30 minute halves, if tied we go to two 5 minute sudden death overtimes and then we will go to penalty kicks. Championship game is two 35 minute halves, if tied we will go to two 10 minute sudden death overtimes, and then we will go to penalty kicks.  Any player listed on the roster can take penalty kicks, they don't have to be on the field at the end of time to participate. 
37.    All information will be posted on the CYSA website. There will be a page on there under adult soccer tab. On that section you will find pages for rules, standings, schedules, and hopefully I would like to add a page for goals/assists, but that depends on captains emailing their goals and assists to me. The CYSA website is
38.    Any questions or issues that come up during the season can be brought to my attention at either my cell phone 717-331-8639 or my email at .


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